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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Wheel in the sky

Has turned many times since I last posted.

It's been a busy year.

I just got back from a trip to Las Vegas to visit my wife's brother (yes, she went with me). We stayed on the Vegas strip. It was quite an experience. Especially, considering that it was my first trip out of the South.

There are a great many interesting and beautiful things to see and do there like the Cirque de Soleil shows, gondola rides, art exhibits, Star Trek Experience, etc.

However, the basic fact remains that this is a city built upon the foundation of greed/lust. Lust for money. Greed for pleasure. Apart from the hotel room, I could scarcely turn around without seeing a billboard for "Vegas's best all nude revue", rows of free newspaper length advertisements full of nothing sex, sex, sex, and of course a giant billboard advertising the fact that the escort will come to your room, all you have to do is call. I was humorously thinking something about "Free Prostitute Delivery" before I actually saw the ad. I foolishly thought that even in Vegas that wouldn't be done. I was wrong.

"Free Whore delivery, ** within 30 minutes or the next ** is free!!"

Ab-so-frickin Fabulous.

Apart from the established corporate worldliness, many of the people who were there to enjoy themselves were dressing and doing things that I doubt they would do at home. My wife said that she hasn't seen so much boobage in her life, and there certainly was a lot of it on display. It was just as bad as the sex related advertisements. You couldn't get away from it without staying in your room and closing the drapes. There was a mother on the street one afternoon who was eating ice cream with her two daughters. Right next to them was a young man with two females, and they were all trying to French kiss each other all at the same time, while his hands were definitely not "Going where no man has gone before". I wonder if it would be worse if those women were prostitutes or if they were doing this because it's 'fun'.

Where does the circle start? Do women live down to what they think men want or do men live down to the way women dress?

Once we got away from the strip things almost looked normal, but only almost. The enticements to greed and lust weren't always beating down upon you trying to find a way in, but they were still there, lurking in the shadows and waiting to spring upon you when you least expected it.

What the casinos should do is, re-organize as the church of Mammon, and perhaps they could avoid paying seems appropriate.....


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