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Thursday, December 09, 2004

Sometimes you feel like an orc....

I bid you welcome, once again.

Alas for you gentle reader, there are only two things on my mind tonight: cleaning up my apartment (which is a shambles) and the events of this weekend.

The cleanliness of my apartment has seasons: a wreck, getting better, perfect!, and getting a little shabby. Mathematically, speaking it would be a sinusoid or perhaps some sort of 'saw' function because the change can be rather dramatic and time compressed when I have company coming over.

Speaking of which, I should probably finish this up and get some more work done because I'll be having some people coming over next Saturday to watch Return of the King Extended Edition.

To speak in broad and general terms of this weekend, have you ever inadvertantly hurt someone (not physicially) that you cared about? There was no blame to be assessed. None of the parties involved did anything morally wrong. It was just one of those things. However, events have causes, and the cause of this particular situation was me. It pains me that they are in pain, and it pains me almost as greatly that I was the one that set the events in motion that caused it.

Sometimes I feel like an orc: I can't create or do anything beautiful or give joy to anyone, but clever things, destructive things those things I excel at. [please no comments from the peanut gallery about my grammar.]

I don't want to be an orc, although I would say that there are times and places when acting like one would be the appropriate or even right thing to do. However, those circumstances would be extremely limited.

On that subject, of the races that Tolkien described I'm not entirely sure which I would choose (assuming that I had such a choice)

Dwarves are tough and creative, but (relatively) ignorant about anything apart from their crafts and stubborn.

Hobbits are good, enjoy the pleasures of life, but are dreadfully ignorant about anything not related to food and drink.

Oh yeah and they're both short....

Men are such as they are in this world. Numenorean, long life, independence from fate, a measure of wisdom, not a bad combination.

Elves wise, creative, immortal (unless slain), but bound by fate, and bound to Arda (the earth) until the ending of the world. If I had to be an elf I'd definitely want to be of the Noldor (sort of the elf equivalent of dwarves, very good at making things)

Hmm....I think that would choose either Numenorean or Noldor.

Anyway, I now must away to do battle with the legions of dust-bunnies and hordes of brik-a-brak that now threaten to cut off my hardwood floors from the light and life of day.

God be with you this Christmas season.........


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