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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

What fun it is ride and sing....

...a slaying song tonight!

Just Kidding.

'Twas an example of the kind of silly lyric changes that I used to make to songs in elementary school. I was quite martial when I was a kid. Blah, when I look at that word 'martial' sometimes I confuse it with the word 'marital'.

Christmas was great.

A pretty fair amount of snow and ice greeted me the day after I arrived in Tennessee. Then the clouds cleared out to let the full moon shine down upon the new vestments which Father Sky had adorned Mother Earth. I was in the country far away from the unclean, cluttering, lights of the city. The light of Sulva shone down from its place in the voids between the worlds and came down to ours and in its light the earth appeared to be blanketed in a solid sheet of silver which conformed to every curve, fold, and swelling of the Earth.

But one must not only have eyes to see, but also ears to hear. Listening to the world around you the next time after it snows and/or sleets. It's almost as if the normal sounds of the world have been swallowed up by ice and the snow, as if the Earth was waiting, holding its breath so that it could hear something of great importance. The unending ballad of the Four Winds is accompanied by the children of the Earth whose ice sheathed limbs sway back and forth in harmony with the Winds.

I wish that I could bottle up that light and save it up for hot days in the summer, but those cussed revenuers don't approve of moonshine.

That last was just a little joke....

I suffer from a terrible disease:

I think that I'm funny.

Well, I make me laugh at anyrate.....


Blogger Fay ce que Dieu vouldra said...

Having only just now remembered to add you to my blog list, I am reading this for the first time. I am always pleasantly warmed and astonished when I find my friends have the most envied gift of eloquence in writing. I mostly tend to lack that, and when something of merit does come out the way I truly experienced it, I am quite surprised and note it with special significance. This entry is beautiful, breath-taking, really. Thank you for sharing.

10:14 AM  

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